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Nestled in the heart of Kentucky, Warrenwood Manor honors the past and celebrates the future by hosting weddings with southern charm and rustic elegance. Here, unique events become unforgettable experiences.

in Danville, Kentucky

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or a client's wedding day I love the challenge, the process and the creativity of it all. There’s nothing more fulfilling than sending a bride off at the end of the night after she says...

I'm a dreamer and a doer! I get a vision in my mind then work through obstacle after obstacle until the vision is a reality. Whether that's a vision for Warrenwood 

My gifts?

I love celebrating awesome people, being an entrepreneur and preserving this little piece of history. 

Chief Celebrations Officer

I'm Brittney

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“Today was perfect.”

— Jennifer Martin, Mother of Bride

Ella & Ben

"If Warrenwood isn't available oN Your Preferred Wedding Date, then change your date. It’s that good!"

— Blaire Kimball, Wedding Planner

Allison + Jordan

"Warrenwood is quintessentially southern with top-notch hospitality. "

—  Genevieve Willis, Bride

Genevieve & Jeff

"Warrenwood is beautiful and unlike any other place. It feels genuine and authentic which reflects the life we hope to build together."

—  Ashley Bryant, Bride

Ashley & Jonathan

"Warrenwood Manor was the first and best wedding decision we made for our wedding!"

So much love here

Warrenwood isn't just a place to get married. Warrenwood is where couples host refined events that are unique and intentional. See how our amazing clients have celebrated!



the magic is real.