Vintage Boho Wedding at Warrenwood Manor

Ella & Ben’s Vintage Boho Wedding

September 1, 2020


hey there, I'm BRITTNEY!


As the Owner & Chief Celebrations Officer at Warrenwood Manor, I'm here to tell love stories, drop wedding planning tips & share my journey as an entrepreneur and historic preservationist.

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You’re going to fall head-over-heels in love with this couple and their vintage boho wedding. It was a charming, light-hearted, and absolutely stunning August wedding day! It was an emotional day full of happy tears and loads of laughter.  Ella & Ben couldn’t have been more excited for and intentional about celebrating their love!

Meet the Couple – Bride & Groom

The BrideElla is the Marketing Director for Advanced Animal Care

The Groom Ben graduated from EKU this past May with a degree in Construction Management. He is currently a field technician for Solid Ground.

Honeymoon LocationMexico

First Dance SongMy great grandmother loved Elvis Presley more than any musician that has ever lived. She passed away before we got engaged so we danced to “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

Favorite Date NightClassic dinner and a movie couple right here. 

Ella, tell us your story…


We went to the same school all through high school but it wasn’t until senior year that our paths crossed for the first time since our 7th grade math teacher sat us next to each other. I didn’t think much of our growing friendship because he was set to move away for college baseball and I was a small-town girl wanting to stay close to home. What can I say, I couldn’t ignore the tall dark and handsome guy sitting next to me in 4th period. It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels for “number 8”. After the summer had passed we knew it was more than a summer fling, after he moved away we survived on facetime, monthly visits and God’s grace. I never would have guessed I would be meeting my future husband at age 17 but I am so happy I did.


After four years of dating, on the most casual night of eating pizza in sweatpants in my little apartment, he got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. No cameras or big theatrics, just two kids making a decision to love each other no matter what. Easiest “YES” I have ever said.

Ella, tell us about planning your wedding…

What are three words you would use to describe the style of your wedding day? How would you describe the feeling?

Vintage, bohemian, & charming 

We joked after the wedding was over that the entire day felt like a dream. Everything seemed hazy and glowy. Like we had all had the same beautiful experience from so many different points of view.

Where did you gather inspiration from for your wedding day? 

The house itself inspired a lot of my wedding. I loved the authenticity of Warrenwood and how the venue itself told a story.

Why did you choose to have your wedding at Warrenwood Manor?

Two days after our engagement we were standing inside the Warrenwood House agreeing on our wedding date. The second easiest “Yes!” I have ever said.

What were you most excited about on your wedding day?

I couldn’t wait to spend the entire morning surrounded by the most important women in my life. Just filling each other up with support, laughter, and joy. It was so relaxing to be in the bridal suite with them before the ceremony!

In what ways did you personalize your wedding day?

I had a hand macrame backdrop on the cottage. I had so much fun picking out each bridesmaids dress to fit each of my girl’s personalities so each of their dresses were different. 

We did a cupcake bar instead of cake and a huge charcuterie table for our cocktail hour.

Of all of the beautiful moments of your wedding day, which do you cherish the most? 

I loved the moment after the ceremony when my husband and I got to go and be together alone for a few moments to take everything in together. We looked out the second-floor window at all our guests and we were just in awe of everything going on around us. It felt like we were in a little bubble, even if it was just for a few moments. 

I also got to dance with my grandfather to the Tennessee Waltz which is something we have danced to together since I was a little girl.

What was the funniest thing that happened on your wedding day?

The funniest thing that happened was during the ceremony when Ben said “I do” before the pastor was done talking. The pastor said “I’m not done yet” and we all had a good laugh!

What advice would you give to a newly engaged couple starting the wedding planning process?

You won’t care about half the things you think you will the day of. Just focus on what you and your fiancé want. (My husband had zero preferences so it made it even easier) Obviously I started with the venue two days after we got engaged. Then I had my cupcakes picked out before my wedding dress (priorities). Everything will fall into place. I picked out groomsmen ties the day before the wedding. Don’t stress the small things.

What is something about your wedding that you thought you would care about, but ended up not?

I went into the entire day with no expectations. All I wanted was for everyone to be as stress-free as possible and enjoy each moment as it came and not worry about what was coming next. I think overall I thought I would care about having a videographer but we just videoed the wedding on our iPhones and I honestly haven’t even looked at it. I enjoyed each moment as it came instead of feeling like I had to perform all day.

Is there anything else you think our readers need to know about you, your wedding, or your experience? 

Another tip for brides: take pictures and videos on your phone until you don’t have your phone with you anymore. They are casual, real, and fun to look back on. The professional photos end up on our walls but the personal photos are great reminders of how the day unfolds. For example, I have a picture of my sister in law standing at a gas station pump in her bridesmaid’s pajamas on our way to the venue. A memory I don’t want to forget! 

I can’t say enough good things about Warrenwood, the women who run the entire venue, and how little I had to worry about because it was held there. Next to the man I married, Warrenwood was the second best decision I made for the wedding.

What have you been up to since your wedding day?

We have enjoyed settling into a daily routine. Learning each other’s habits and having a good laugh here and there about what it’s like now that we live together.

Piece of advice for new brides: start a note in your phone (or get a journal)  and set a daily reminder to write a note about your spouse. The small memories are easy to forget but so good to remember during stressful times.

What are you most excited about when it comes to your future together?

We are so excited to travel together and start a family.

What vendors contributed to your Vintage Boho Wedding?

Venue | Warrenwood Manor

Coordinator | Denae Haskins

Photographer | Blessed Bee Photography

Florist | Jeanne Caldwell

Baker | Bluegrass & Buttercream

Caterer | Hawg Heaven

DJ | Ben & Brittany Slater

Dress | Twirl Boutique

Glam | Ariel Barrow

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hey there, I'm BRITTNEY!


As the Owner & Chief Celebrations Officer at Warrenwood Manor, I'm here to tell love stories, drop wedding planning tips & share my journey as an entrepreneur and historic preservationist.

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